Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our Adult Services Department Receives Highest Recognition

I am very proud to share with you that our Adult Services department received, from the Department of Developmental Services, in their review of our programs, a Two Year Certification with Distinction. This is the highest level of licensure and agency can receive and it is only awarded to 20% of agencies in the state. Congratulations to each staff person in our residential and day programs for providing the highest level of services and supports and to Jean Rogers, Tara Jordan and Leslie Kelly for their leadership.

I thought you might be interested in some of the comments of the reviewers:

“Since the last review the agency had expanded various options within their residential and day network of supports. In addition to homes providing twenty four hour staff support and home placement services the agency now offered supports of less than twenty four hours. Currently two people were receiving this type of support; each had their own apartment and at least fifteen hours of staff support available. Day supports had been expanded with the opening of a Day Habilitation Center (Life Opportunities Unlimited). The Center emphasized a healthy lifestyle, community engagement, and choice. Staff at the Center included a Registered Nurse, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Behavioral Therapist.

This Licensure Review focused on the Cardinal Cushing Adult Services Program which consists of residential and vocational services for adults with disabilities over the age of twenty-two throughout Southeastern Massachusetts.

South Shore Industries is the vocational component of the agency, which offers employment options such as competitive employment, community based work crews, an onsite work center and volunteer opportunities to fifty-five people. The mission of the agency’s vocational services program is “committed to the exploration, development, and implementation of employment plans that reflect each individual’s preferences, skills, and needs.”

The agency provided strong support for people to take pride in their homes. A continued focus of the agency was to provide homes that reflect a valued presence within their neighborhood and reflect individual’s personal tastes and preferences. This was particularly evident in people’s bedrooms. Pictures of family members, special events and awards won were proudly displayed. Wall colors and themes reflected people’s interests. These continued efforts by the agency fostered homes that were personally meaningful and valued.

Cardinal Cushing Centers had maintained a strong and effective Human Rights Committee (HRC). The HRC met on a quarterly basis and regular attendance by all members with the required expertise was noted. Meeting minutes indicated a review of incident reports, behavioral interventions, investigations, and review of annual site visits by members. Individuals and staff were trained in human rights with weekly meetings being held within each home to discuss different human rights issues in more depth.

The agency had continued to strengthen its safeguard systems in the areas of financial management. In addition to the assurance that funds were accurately tracked an increased emphasis was placed on the development of skills to increase people’s independence with their finances.

Support in the area of nutrition had also received increased attention. Staff and those receiving support received training on healthy food choices and the availability of healthy food within the homes was routinely monitored by supervisory staff. Several people who participated in the review had made significant progress in achieving goals related to optimal weight.”

Please join me in congratulating our Adult Services Team.

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