Monday, March 15, 2010

Bass Cafe Opens for Dinner and Birthday Parties at Cushing

The Bass Cafe, where students operate a bakery, open to the public six days a week, launched a new initiative Friday night.  On this night, it became a private resturant. Students were able to make reservations and come to dinner with friends or even a date. As with everything we do, it was a teaching experience for our students from inviting someone to dinner and saving money to pay for dinner to grooming skills and resturant manners. Other students were able to be wait staff and practice employment skills. While nothing takes the place of a resturant in the community, most of our students have never had the opportunity to be completely independent in community resturants. Even at fast food places, family members or staff are usually around.  The Bass Cafe provides an important bridge to independence and something new for residential students-a fun and inexpensive place for dinner. We hope to continue to operate the Bass Cafe dining experiences. Thanks to Anne Matheson and Terri Keenan of our Recreation Department for this new initiative. Enjoy the picture of two of our diners.
There is even more to share today-our Recreation Department is at it again. This time, Director, Tom McElman, is offering Birthday Parties at the Hanover school. Let us help you plan and design the perfect party for your child using our outdoor pool, inside gym, our climbing walls and adventure course. We provide the qualified trained staff, paper good and refeshments.  Call Tom at 781-829-1295 or email him at to start building the perfect birthday party where children of all ages and all abilities have fun.

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