Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Transition Handbook

I have spent more than a decade interested in the transition from school to adult life for individuals with intellectual disabilities. What began as a quest to make sure that my son had a meaningful life when he finished school developed into a professional interest.  I began working with families to help them in transition, developed innovative programs and solutions and began presenting workshops throughout the country and even in Ireland and Japan!  At one of my workshops, four years ago, Dennis McGuire, PhD and Co-Director of the Adult Down Syndrome Clinic at the Lutheran General Hopsital in Illinois, told me that my workshop ought to become a book. Since, I have great respect for his work and opinion and  his own book had recently been published, I decided to give it a try. It has been a long process, but my book was accepted to be published by Woodbine House and is actually being printed this week. While the book will benefit any family with a child with an intelelctual disability, the publisher decided that it belonged in their Down syndrome series. They have determined that more books are sold when specific diagnosis are used in the title; like Down syndrome or autism. Even if your child does not have Down syndrome, I am sure the book will be of great value to you and the only items which may not be relevant are the references to the connection between Down syndrome and Alzheimers, obesity and heart defects. The information on funding, legal issues, housing, employment, family issues, testing, eligibility and everything else in the book will help any family with a child over the age of 13.  Check it out: