Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What is "Typical" ?

We use the word so often, that most of us hardly give notice to what "typical" means. This week, however, I have been thinking about it ever since a former student contacted me.  Greg shared with me that he was living in Texas, working , had gone to college and was collaborating with a filmaker about a film about his successful life.. It got me thinking about a question that I am frequently asked, "What is a typical Cushing student?". Greg says that part of his his success are the  opportunities he received at Cushing and for the staff who encouraged him to pursue his dreams.Since few of our students go to 4 year colleges, did that mean that Greg was not typical?  While I was pondering that thought, yesterday I was preparing to do a live call in with the local radio station, WATD. I called into the number I was given and the man who answered the phone and gave me my instructions, also shared this with me.  He was  a Cushing graduate, had a car, lived in his own apartment and worked his dream job at the radio station. He also said he owed his success to Cushing. Is he typical?

The answer is that there is no typical Cushing student. What is typical is the belief that we hold for every student and person we serve-to provide them with opoprtunities to learn, grow and to be an independent as possible.

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