Friday, March 11, 2011

The "Shut Up Sisters" Are Coming to Cushing-October 1

Meet the “Shut Up Sisters”

Mary Kate and Ashley minus the twinness and the thinness.

Gina (Terrasi) Gallagher and Patricia (Terrasi) are sisters who share a love of wine, humor, and writing (excluding checkwriting). They are also among the growing number of parents raising children with disabilities. Inspired by the success of their sisterly heroines, Mary Kate and Ashley, and fed up with listening to parents brag about their “perfect children” and never asking about theirs, the sisters decided to seek therapy by writing a book. So in 2006, they self-published their first book, Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid! The Movement of Imperfection, which explores the humorous, heartwarming side of raising an imperfect child in a world pre-occupied with perfection.

It wasn’t long before the book starting selling and the sisters were asked to come and speak at parenting, autism, and mental health conferences in Massachusetts and other exciting parts of the country. “Pack your bags, Gene, we’re going to Akron, OH, the birthplace of rubber.”

With strong sales, the book was picked up by Random House and in August 2010, an expanded version, Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid! A Survival Guide for Ordinary Parents of Special Kids, was introduced. The new book includes helpful tips, information, and inspiration to help caregivers of special children cope with the challenges of managing “imperfect” children in a world-pre-occupied with perfection. The book features a Foreword by Dr. Ross Greene and prescriptive advice from Lee Ann Karg, M Ed, a Disability Advocate.

They will be speaking at our Hanover campus on Ocotber 1, 2011 as our Opening Act of our fabulous fall Harvest Festival.

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