Friday, February 11, 2011

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Talk about long, strange trips. Nick Morse has been on one. He was born in Boston, lived at first in Cambridge, then Hingham, then Newton and Wellesley, then Hanover where he attended the Cardinal Cushing Center for 10 years. He now resides in a group home in Watertown. He has an extraordinary pedigree -- his grandfather on his deceased mother's side, Alexander Rotow, founded color television for RCA. Perhaps it's not a surprise that Nick, despite his special needs, has applied a love of color to his art. His father has taken him to many vibrant rock concerts with spectacular stage shows -- Green Day, Aerosmith, Tool, Pearl Jam, Roger Waters, Jimmy Buffett and Godsmack to name a few -- and Nick has absorbed them all. They have also caught many animated movies and action films and have spent a lot of time at the Museum of Fine Arts looking at the work of Impressionists from Monet to Van Gogh. Nick's eyes light up when surrounded by beautiful art, and his Dad's light up to see him so happy. "He has been the love of my life", says Steve Morse, Nick's dad and former music critic at the Boston Globe for 30-plus years.

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