Monday, November 1, 2010

The Russians Came and Make Way for Ducklings

Touring the campus with Jim Middleton and me.
Recently, the Weymouth Rotary welcomed a group of visiting Russian human service leaders, interested in intellectual disabilities, and toured them to various non-profit agencies.  We hosted them for a day and shared with them the Cushing Centers.

They couldn't resist the Cushing Trader.

Now you are probably wondering about what Make Way for Ducklings have to do with this post.  Last week, the Lederman family donated an original water color of a painting of "Make Way for Ducklings" to the student library at Hanover.  It is a childhood favorite of Class of 2011 student Amanda Lederman. Along with the  painting Amanda and her family donated 2 copies of the book in addition to many of Amanda's childhood books.

Amanda and Jude Morgan.

The Lederman's with Doug Frazier and me.