Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I Am Proud to Work at a Non Profit

From the Board Cafe...

The most listened-to radio show in America got it wrong again last week. Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh said about nonprofit staff: "Bunch of lazy idiots. Many of them don’t want to really work. Nonprofits siphon contributions . . . these people are rapists, in terms of finance and economy."

We like what Robert Egger had to say on the subject, but maybe Rush is right for once. We nonprofit staff are so lazy we would rather follow environmental regulations than create huge amounts of work for ourselves trying to cap mismanaged oil wells. We're so lazy we'd rather advocate for preventive care than suffer from chronic illness and expensive treatments. Most nonprofit staff are so lazy they don't even bother to collect paychecks: they're volunteers.

And talk about idiotic: we're such idiots we thought we could get the vote for women, Medicare for the elderly, and regulations against unsafe toys. We thought it was okay for kids in wheelchairs to go to regular schools. We thought we could overturn apartheid in South Africa.

If we're accomplishing this much being "lazy idiots," maybe by working a little harder we could get rid of hateful, inaccurate radio hosts?

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  1. You go, Girl! I'm hanging this post in the lunch room at work where we often engage in 'enthusiastic' budget-related political discussions. JM