Monday, July 26, 2010

Furniture Painting Day

Painting day started about 10 years ago, when art teacher Randy Wiskow found some chairs at the Thrift store that needed to begin a fresh new life! It has grown into a yearly project. Twice during the summer, all the students are invited to paint 20-30 pieces and paint!  Painting continues throughout the year if we get any unique pieces. Pieces are sold on campus at the CushingTrader, auctioned off at fundraisers, given as gifts to donors and staff leaving and decorate the halls, classrooms and offices throughout our campus! We like to paint chairs the best, as one of the students commented years ago,” just think how many people have sat in this chair, each person has his or her own story, if the chair could talk, what a story it could tell!” Chairs are donated by staff, parents and items that Randy finds on his drive to and from work. In Randy's words, "I think what I like about this project is the smile on the students faces as they give each new piece of furniture a bright, new life!"

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